THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge v1.0.4 Mod Apk

THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge

THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge v1.0.4 Mod Apk

Are we a subsequent Bear Grylls? Take on a ULTIMATE presence plea and download a central diversion of THE ISLAND to find out.

The Island is a lovely change from standard world-builder games in this genre! When was a final time we failed?

Test your skills during apparatus government with singular appetite and time to finish a Daily Challenges and Tasks to keep your islanders happy, and alive!


*Drag buildable equipment such as a Clothes Tree from a BUILD menu and place in a world. You’ll need to CRAFT certain equipment in a preserve before we can build*

*You have a FINITE volume of time any day to finish a THREE DAILY CHALLENGES. Manage your camp’s resources and appetite delicately – and remember to finish CAMPFIRE TASKS to feed your camp’s appetite levels*

Good fitness on The Island!

You are about to embark on a goal of a lifetime. 20 inexperienced people have been expel divided on a remote pleasant island, and need YOU to lead them by a toughest presence plea of their lives.

Featuring tips and impulse from presence consultant Bear Grylls, can we lead this group of bland people by a relentless trials, tribulations, twists and turns of life on The Island?

With usually simple collection and The Island’s healthy resources during your disposal, your survivors will need to pull on both their mental and earthy strength if we wish them to succeed.

They’ll need to conflict hunger, tired and a elements to successfully fodder for sources of sustenance; conform a essential collection and objects essential for survival; and build and say critical shelter.

You’ll need to make smart, critical decisions, handling a camp’s appetite levels opposite a prerequisite to collect and qualification a resources indispensable to thrive.

And any day will move 3 new presence challenges. Level-up your Islanders’ skills to give them a wish opposite a variable enemy that is THE ISLAND. Fail to do so and their spirit will plunge – and they will leave perpetually …

Have we got a METTLE to attain when a contingency are truly opposite you? Will we lift yourself to Bear Grylls’ turn and acquire a skills to not usually tarry – though flower – and learn to adore island life? Or will a Island’s oppressive existence uncover itself to be too most to handle?

In short, can we tarry THE ISLAND?

THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge

 FEATURING hints, tips and impulse from world-renowned presence consultant Bear Grylls

 SURVIVE 15 day seasons with as many survivors as possible. Will any orphan make it through? Multiple seasons to play and replay

 COMPLETE DAILY CHALLENGES before a prohibited object sets any day to keep your survivors craving during bay, hydrated and their spirit high. Can we turn a presence pro?

 HARVEST and GATHER essential healthy resources such as wood, H2O and foliage – even equipment that have been cleared adult on a shore

 CRAFT them into critical presence tools

 BUILD preserve to assist Crafting – though watch out for a storms

 HUNT furious turkeys and caiman, and FISH a shores for essential appetite boosts. Remember: if we wish to eat, you’ll need to find it, locate it and prepare it.

 MANAGE a group’s appetite levels delicately – will they tarry or thrive?

 MAINTAIN MORALE differently your survivors will leave THE ISLAND, creation life harder for a remaining people in camp

 METTLE is your ability to cope with hurdles and difficulties. Earn it by successfully completing daily hurdles – and use it to assistance energy your approach by tough situations.

 DECORATE your stay to give island life a personal hold – and make it feel some-more like home

In-app purchases are available.

An internet tie is not compulsory to play this game, however it will automatically check for updates on launch.

Compatible with Google Android chronicle 6.0 or above
THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge
THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge
THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge
THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge
THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge
THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge


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