Symbolab v2.0 [Unlocked]

Symbolab v2.0 [Unlocked]

Requirements: Android 3.0+

Your private math tutor, solves any math problem with steps!

History! Every problem we solved is saved in story and we can get behind to it anytime we want.

Symbolab calculator solves:
* Equations
* Inequalities
* System of Equations
* Basic Operations (factor, join, cancel, simplify)
* Partial Fractions
* Polynomial Division
* Percents

Functions Graphing
* Line equations (line, slope, parallel, perpendicular, midpoint, distance)
* Functions (domain, range, intercepts, asymptotes, impassioned points, periodicity, inverse)
* Function arithmetics and compositions

* Trig Equations
* Trig identities proving
* Trig duty evaluation
* Trig simplification

* Limits
* Integrals (definite, indefinite, multiple)
* Derivatives
* Partial derivatives
* Series
* Laplace Transform
* Inverse Laplace Transform

Matrices Vectors
* Matrix Add/Subtract
* Matrix Multiply, Power
* Matrix Trace
* Matrix Transpose
* Matrix Determinant
* Matrix Inverse
* Matrix Rank
* Matrix Reduce
* Vectors Add/Subtract
* Vector Scalar Multiplication
* Vector Cross Product
* Vector Magnitude
* Vector Angle
* Vector Unit
* Vector Projection
* Vector Scalar Projection

(and some-more topics are combined constantly)
Get giveaway resolution to any problem. Upgrade to get total entrance to all subjects with steps.
For center propagandize by college students, teachers and parents.

What’s New
New from Symbolab: History!
Now each problem we solve is saved automatically, click History to go behind to any problem anytime we want. (available with ascent only)
Many new topics added, including Matrices and Vectors!
Full list here:
Algebra – Percents, Partial fractions, Long Division
Trigonometry – Trig simplification
Calculus – Laplace and Inverse Laplace Transform, ODE
Matrices Vectors operations

More Info:…sense.symbolab

Download Instructions: *Unlimited Access to all Subjects with Steps!!

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