ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner v9.1.12 Final

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner v9.1.12 Final
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: ShopSavvy is creation selling simpler, easier and some-more fun than ever before!

With a super neat pattern and some-more merchants and products than any other app, ShopSavvy helps we find a best online and internal prices, arguable product info, and a approach to emporium anywhere we want.

Be a initial to see cold products from your friends and other shoppers by following them and their lists, or be a selling luminary by formulating lists of your possess for other users to follow.

With ShopSavvy, you’ll be means to:

– Scan or Search to find a lowest prices guaranteed
– Create and share lists of your favorite products with your favorite people!
– Discover overwhelming equipment from a Popular Products page and Featured Lists
– Set cost alerts and never skip a good understanding again
– Get extensive product descriptions and patron reviews

* For support we can hit [email protected]
** GROCERY! We are removing some-more grocery information each day though in terms of product coverage greatfully note that Grocery equipment are quite severe to get product information for and a formula in that difficulty simulate that. You can supplement different grocery equipment regulating a supplement product duty in a app.


Version 9.1.12
– Brand New – Sales Spottings – Sales detected and reported by ShopSavvy users (U.S. only)
– New – Discover a latest circuitously sales with special deals from retailers! (U.S. only)
– New UPC Barcode and QR Code Scanner!
– New difficulty buttons – Now we can find products and deals faster than ever!

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Fleksy Keyboard 5.7.1 Paid

Fleksy Keyboard 5.7.1 Paid
Requirements: Varies with device, Modded Google Play
Overview: Fleksy is a new, insubordinate keyboard, powered by obvious tentative record that creates typing on any device fast, accurate and so easy we can form but even looking.

Fleksy is a fastest keyboard in a world. Colorful and pleasant typing, so gentle we can even form but looking. Try a keyboard that pennyless a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for fastest typing (May 2014)!

★ “It done me switch from Swiftkey and Swype… So fast, elementary and reliable.”
★ “Emojis work good on Facebook and Twitter!”
★ “…killer content prophecy that works with even a sloppiest of writing.” –

Enjoy over 600 emoji in a palm of your hand. (Works with Whatsapp/ Facebook Messenger/ Snapchat/ Twitter and all your favs)

Express yourself and your character by customizing your keyboard. Feel like changing things adult a little? Change your theme! Explore some of Fleksy’s vibrant, pleasing tone themes and keyboard styles.

Wrong letter? Sloppy typing? No Problem! Fleksy will know what word we meant to form even if we mis-type each letter. This intelligent keyboard doesn’t only demeanour during a letters we press, it looks during a settlement we daub to know what we meant to type. Type reliably, form over prediction.

Tired of dire backspace? Swipe left anywhere for blazing quick word-by-word delete. Wrong autocorrect? Just appropriate down anywhere to change a word! Fleksy’s gestures maximize typing speed and comfort, creation typing as elementary as on your laptop.

Personalize Fleksy to accommodate your shade space needs with mixed blueprint options. Fleksy’s gesticulate complement allows we to minimize a keyboard or even make it invisible and see 100% of your screen.

Track your stats, master typing but looking and share your achievements by My Badges! Collect 30 badges like “Invisible Master”, “Dash Swiper”, and “King of Keyboards” to clear new themes and styles!

Fleksy adjusts serve to your essay character by My Fleksy Cloud service. Teach Fleksy how we write by joining your email and amicable networks, afterwards backup and sync seamlessly opposite your devices.


• English (US)
• English (UK)
• English (AU)
• English (CA)
• Spanish (ES)
• Spanish (US)
• Spanish (Latin American Spanish)
• Portuguese (BR)
• French
• French (CA)
• German
• Italian
• Arabic
• Hungarian
• Dutch
• Portuguese
• Slovakian
• Swedish
• Turkish
• Czech
• Russian
• Bulgarian
• Danish
• Greek
• Malaysian
• Macedonian
• Romanian
• Catalan
• Estonian
• Hebrew
• Croatian
• Lithuanian
• Latvian
• Norwegian
• Slovenian
• Albanian
• Serbian
• Tagalog

Vote for your denunciation during
Languages with a many votes will be expelled faster!
Based on your feedback we’re operative on:
• Bahasa Indonesia
• Polish

Set to your preference: QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, even DVORAK or Colemak, Fleksy supports them all.

Fleksy does not collect any personal information but your pithy permission. We take remoteness really seriously.
The warning summary that says Fleksy might be means to collect “all a content we type, including personal information like passwords and credit label numbers” is partial of a Android handling complement that appears when any third celebration keyboard is enabled.
Happy Typing!
Join Fleksy Beta – Join a Beta to get new languages and facilities first:
Technical Support – Go to for technical support.
Press – If we are a member of a press, write to us during [email protected].

1.Install Lucky Patcher
2.Open Fleksy
3.Select Patch for InApp and LVL emulation
4.Open Fleksy and squeeze packs themes

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Endomondo Running Cycling Walk Premium v11.1.0

Endomondo Running Cycling Walk Premium v11.1.0
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: The usually personal tutor you’ll ever need fits right in your pocket. Whether you’re running, cycling, walking, kayaking, or something totally different, we keep we motivated, and many importantly – keep what you’re doing fun.

Track routes, record stats and share your workouts – all from one elementary app. Join 25 million users and start pardon your endorphins.

● Track roughly any distance-based competition and perspective duration, speed, distance, calories, and more
● Get audio feedback during unchanging intervals
● Enter indoor workouts manually
● Track your heart rate (works with BTLE, BT and ANT+ heart rate monitors)
● Keep a full training diary
● View daily training volume
● Analyze opening like separate times for any workout
● Set a examination idea and let a audio manager assistance we strech it
● Join a plea for a possibility to win prizes
● Receive (and send) real-time audio pep talks from friends
● Check out a news feed to criticism on friends’ swell
● Race opposite a friend’s personal best performance
● Share formula and workouts on Facebook and Google+
● Workout photos, #hashtags, tagging of friends, involuntary postponement when stationary, customizable home screen, countdown, and most more
All your information is automatically sent directly to your form on Here, we can investigate your data, low dive into your stats, lane your progress, and correlate and contest with people all around a world.
Get up, get relocating and giveaway your endorphins!

Gain entrance to disdainful facilities with Endomondo Premium from only USD 2.50 a month.
● Reach your using idea with a personal training plan
● View statistics like calories per month, using stretch by year, etc.
● Analyze heart rate zones for each examination (requires concordant HR monitor)
● View continue info in examination summary
● Enjoy an ad-free experience
● Get entrance to 10+ some-more motivating features
The tiny print:
Should we select to ascent to Endomondo Premium, remuneration will be charged to your Google Play comment on acknowledgment of purchase. The monthly subscription costs USD 5.99 while a annual subscription costs USD 29.99 per year or USD 2.50 per month.

We are seeking for a accede ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION to capacitate GPS tracking of your workouts.
We are seeking for permissions to entrance your personal information and review contacts. We ask for this to make we means to bond with your friends, plea them and follow them directly on your phone. We will review names and email addresses from your contacts ONLY if we actively select to do so within a app.


– Facebook pity fixed
– Google+ login fixed
– Workout Details fortitude fixes
The examination outline has a new softened demeanour and gives we easy entrance to all your information in one place
– Pick a crony to motivate you: Make a joining for 2015 and entice a few devoted friends to hearten we on
– Use Android Wear standalone: With GPS support, we can use a app standalone on Sony Smartwatch 3

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Candy Camera for Selfie v1.70

Candy Camera for Selfie v1.70
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Take a pattern some-more easily, some-more conveniently, and some-more beautifully!

★ Play prohibited emanate app preference of Google to recover a initial time in one day
★ United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany
Austria, Russia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Recommended app store Google
★ 20,000,000 downloads in 8 months and counting
★ 2.4 million Day of active users
★ 10 million daily uses a day
★ It’s flourishing really quick and reached #1 camera app in some-more than 50 countries
✔ Real time filter that doesn’t need a post-correction
100+ romantic and singular filters
 Beautiful skin filter privately for selfies

✔ Easy and available editing
Adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation, fortitude
Cut rotate
Lomo effect
Out focusing

✔ Beauty duty that’s one hold away
Whitening effect
Blemish removal
Make adult – Eyelines, eyelashes, blusher functions
Sliming outcome – Pixel’s live, healthy slim effect

- Decorating cinema of my possess story

✔Add sensibility to your photos with light effects!
About 100 kinds of opposite frames to make your print trendy!
My possess singular print with accumulation of pattern judgment stickers!
✔ LG Quick Circle Supported


Added new stickers

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AnTuTu Benchmark v5.7.1 beta

AnTuTu Benchmark v5.7.1 beta
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: AnTuTu Benchmark is giveaway benchmarking app that helps users know deeper into their Android inclination by tough numbers and plain facts.

AnTuTu benchmark is a many renouned Android smartphone and inscription benchmarking app in a world!.
☆ Over 100,000,000 users
☆ Benchmark app used during Google I/O 2014
☆ No.1 benchmark app, used as an attention customary by heading record companies and hardware examination sites.
With a Click and Go exam suite, Antutu will comprehensively exam all aspects of a device, including UX, GPU, RAM, CPU, I/O and more. Each object is away assessed and given a score. These scores can be uploaded to a Antutu database, and afterwards used to arrange your device among all other Android devices.
Benchmark Items:
☆ User Experience (UX) – Overall device opening with minute scores.
☆ CPU Tests – Measures a energy of a CPU, and gives tough numbers for a tangible performance.
☆ CPU Single Test– Measures a energy of CPU by regulating CPU singular exam algorithms.
☆ RAM Tests – Investigate a genuine estimate capability of a RAM.
☆ GPU Tests – Measure a opening of genuine graphics processing, 3D effects, games, and video playing.
☆ I/O Tests – A approach measure that reflects on a tangible input/output (I/O) opening your complement permits.
Get your Antutu benchmark measure and ranking! Compare and share with your friends!
The Antutu benchmark measure of your device is especially tangible by your hardware configuration, though can also be shabby by other elements, including complement mode, stream device temperature, regulating apps and more. The measure might be change somewhat each time we test.
Follow us on Twitter:
Find us on Facebook:
For any suggestions or feedback, we wish to get your good ideas around email : [email protected]
or on a Google+ page:…65868959358493
If you’re regulating an Ainol, Ramos or ONDA device, greatfully download a following version:…ile.flashlight


– Add sensor indication information.
– Add some-more shade exam items.
– Add 64-bit exam for 64-bit Android.
– Support unclouded navigation and standing bars (Android 4.4 and above).
– Support identified a NVIDIA Denver.
– Fixed 2D exam pile-up on ZenFone devices.
– Update Russian, Korean, Turkish translate.

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AllCast Premium v2.0.2.0 Final

AllCast Premium v2.0.2.0 Final
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: AllCast lets we send photos and videos on your Android’s to your TV!

AllCast supports:
* Roku
* Apple TV
* Xbox 360, Xbox One
* Samsung Smart TVs
* Panasonic Smart TVs
* Google TV (Logitech Revue, etc)
* DLNA Renderers

What’s New
Praise Duarte! The good element redesign is now live! Now with hastily icons, overwhelming drawers, scrolling toolbars, and a fanciest of pixels. Thanks to Liam Spradlin for running me towards a light a One True Savior, Matias Duarte.
There’s also a ton of tedious bug fixes.
I suspicion about withdrawal a complement refurbish presentation in a screenshots to make my associate nerds twitch, though didn’t. You’re welcome.
If we have a sec, I’d conclude a good rating. Tell me your fav burger commanding too.

PREMIUM facilities Unlocked

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Total Launcher Premium v1.1.4

Total Launcher Premium v1.1.4
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Total launcher is a subsequent era of ssLauncher and also includes a good facilities of qLauncher.

======== NOTICE ========
Finally a new ssLauncher comes!
Total launcher is a best customizable launcher in Android. Of course, it is still fast, light and easy to use.
Do we like a elementary home? Use this.
Do we like a pleasing home? Use this.
Do we like a intelligent home? Use this.
Is there no home launcher we want? Make it with this.
Whatever we wish for home, this is it.
I would like to tell we only one phrase.
“Press and reason it to revise it”
You can customize it, whatever it is.

premium underline unlocked

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mirror: (3,22 MB) –

GO Launcher Z Prime VIP v1.05 build 438

GO Launcher Z Prime VIP v1.05 build 438
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: GO Launcher EX – a final choice for 200,000,000+ people! User voted best Android Launcher! Download it now to suffer 10,000+ themes and knowledge a super rapid and well-spoken operation supposing by absolute 3D core!

GO Launcher 5 has arrived! Its UI and UX has been recreated from bottom to top. Enjoy elementary and intelligent new mobile experience, or start customizing a looking and feel in your possess way.
As a best home shade replacement, it offers we many first-ever facilities to customize your possess homescreen experience. It is not usually for people who holding Android for granted, though for those who take their Android for lifestyle and partner in life.
Sincerely entice we to join GO Launcher Alpha Beta Program. Make Your Comment. Make A Difference.…61638224913835
■ Testimonials
“ GO Launcher EX took a tip spot, bringing home over 37% of a altogether vote. ” – Lifehacker (Releasing a outcome for a check “What’s The Best Android Launcher”)
“If we adopt GO Launcher EX as your default homescreen, we will use it all a time.” – Androidtapp
“GO Launcher EX is ideal for people who are removing a bit sleepy of saying a same aged Android launch interface.” – CNET
■ Free Features
– GO Panel to supplement frequently used facilities with only one click (New)
– More than 10,000 personalized themes (keep increasing)
– Super well-spoken flipping and transition effects supposing by 3D core
– 25+ imagination transition effects
– 15+ widgets accessible for giveaway (weather, clock, switch, calendar…)
– Launch apps regulating gestures
■ Pro Features
– Multi-touch to discerning entrance to core functions
– 4 additional superb transition effects
– No sponsored messages or Ads
1. How to get some-more giveaway themes, widgets and other apparatus for GO Launcher EX?
a. Search in Google Play. Or…
b. Get from built-in GO Store around menu.
2. How to set transition effects?
Menu- Add – Effect.
More tips here: _

Use of this app is governed by the Terms of Service: _ and Privacy Policy: _

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Skype 5.4 APK for Android – Direct Download Link

Get your hands on to a latest APK of Skype. This refurbish brings some new features. You can now send feedback directly from your app. Stability improvements have been done for Lollipop. There is a form indicator as good so that we can see a subsequent chairman is typing. You can now download Skype for Android 5.4 from a Google Play Store. With Skype we can always contend a Hello to your friends and family no matter where they are. Always stay in hold with them. Enjoy creation video and voice calls. You can also send messages directly to phone numbers if we have got some credit in your Skype account. We have a Skype 5.4 APK for download as good for those who can’t download from a Google Play Store.


Download Skype 5.4 APK:

You can download a APK record of Skype 5.4 from a couple given below:

Download Skype 5.4 APK

NOTE: This app requires your Android device to be atleast on Android 4.0.3 and adult for this app to work!

Changes in Skype 5.4.0:

This is what a new Skype 5.4 offers in this release:

• Typing indicator to see when someone is typing
• Avatar design now follows as we corkscrew to review longer messages
• File form icons for common Office documents
• Send feedback directly from a app (look underneath “Settings”)
• Stability improvements for Lollipop

As we can review above, lots of changes in this update. Which of these did we like a most? Let us know in a comments below! For those who do not know to implement an APK manually, we have a educational for them on a subsequent page.

Skype for Android Features:

Say “hello” to friends and family with an present message, voice or video call on Skype for free. Join a millions of people regulating Skype currently to stay in hold with a people who matter most. There’s so most we can do, right from a palm of your hand.

Download Skype 5.4 Android APK

You can download a APK record for Skype 5.4.0 from here: Download Skype 5.4.0 APK – (Google Play Store).

Hit +1 or LIKE to appreciate us!

For instructions on how to implement this APK file, conduct over to a subsequent page. Full step-by-step educational is given on how to implement Skype 5.4.0 APK manually.

Speedtest 3.2.12 APK for Android – Direct Download Link

This latest refurbish brings some-more correctness and some excellent improvements. You can now download Speedtest for Android 3.2.12 from a Google Play Store. With Speedtest we can check a speed of your internet tie within 30 seconds with only one tap. Find out what is your uploading, downloading and ping along with genuine time graphs that tell we about your tie consistency. We have a Speedtest 3.2.12 APK for download as good for those who can’t download from a Google Play Store.


Download Speedtest 3.2.12 APK:

You can download a APK record of Speedtest 3.2.12 from a couple given below:

Download Speedtest 3.2.12 APK

NOTE: This app requires your Android device to be atleast on Android 2.3 and adult for this app to work!

Changes in Speedtest

This is what a new Speedtest 3.2.12 offers in this release:

Bug fixes and engine improvements for even some-more exam accuracy.

As we can review above, lots of changes in this update. Which of these did we like a most? Let us know in a comments below! For those who do not know to implement an APK manually, we have a educational for them on a subsequent page.

Speedtest for Android Features:

Use Ookla Speedtest for easy, one-tap tie contrast in underneath 30 seconds—accurate anywhere interjection to a tellurian network.

Millions of users have done Ookla Speedtest a #1 app for contrast Internet speeds, and it’s devoted daily by professionals via a industry!

Download Speedtest 3.2.12 Android APK

You can download a APK record for Speedtest from here: Download Speedtest APK – (Google Play Store).

Hit +1 or LIKE to appreciate us!

For instructions on how to implement this APK file, conduct over to a subsequent page. Full step-by-step educational is given on how to implement Speedtest APK manually.