Cryptic Labyrinth v1.2
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: You are surrounded by 4 mill walls. The usually exit is a sealed doorway in front of you. You have one possession, a bullion necklace with a bizarre pitch on it. It seems infrequently familiar, though we have difficulty remembering a details. You are uncertain how we got here, though any room seems to pierce we one step closer to a truth.

Explore a intricacy in 3D as we hunt for clues on your identity. Unravel a poser of a intricacy by elucidate singular and severe puzzles via your adventure. Traverse by opposite environments such as dungeons, caves, and graveyards. Collect and use over 70 opposite singular equipment to assistance we shun a labyrinth!

During your tour we can use a in-game map to see your plcae within a game. If we get stranded on a nonplus we can use a in-game hints to assistance we swell further.

• Explore a intricacy in 3D
• Solve singular and severe puzzles
• Collect and use over 70 opposite items
• In-depth story driven Gothic adventure
• High clarification 3D graphics
• In-game spirit complement so we don’t get stuck
• In-game map shows your location
• Tap to pierce to points of interest
• Color-blind accessible puzzles
• Auto save position
• Universal app designed for both phones and tablets

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