Arrow Swings v1.1 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Arrow Swings

Arrow Swings v1.1 Mod Apk (Free Shopping) is joyful, giveaway arcade-style diversion in that we can fire during a right mark of a building to strech a subsequent platform. Keep sensory and overhanging from height to height in one instruction to strech a highscore. The arrow should beget adequate wire to strech a subsequent platform.
Simple one hold diversion play with engaging Paper Graphics, lots of twists that will keep we entertained for hours!
It’s a elementary production formed diversion that particularly follows a laws of physics. The diversion starts with favourite and a crawl in his hand,who has to pitch from one height to another height in one instruction with a assistance of wire and bow. The actor needs to aim and fire a arrow during a right mark of building so that a arrow generates adequate wire to strech a subsequent height in a given time frame. After attack a building actor swings regulating a wire unresolved from a building from a stream height to subsequent height in one direction.
If a actor misses a time frame,the arrow misses a building and diversion is over. Even if actor fails to aim or fails to strike a right mark on a building, actor competence not successfully land on a subsequent height and can strike any side of platform. This creates actor to tumble from any side of height due to a sobriety and laws of physics.
Push your skills to a extent as we have to aim right to pitch by a changing platforms,while overhanging don’t forget to collect a diamonds/gems that can be used to clear a extraordinary and engaging Players/Heroes and Bows.
Once you’ve sensory your skills and reflexes we can strech to a highscores and clear a extraordinary Achievements. Compare your measure with your friends to arise by a ranks and strech a tip of a leaderboard! Enjoy giveaway gifts in each 5 hours.
Challenge your friends on a personality play or entice your friends by Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc to infer who a best Arrow Swinger is

Game Features.

Free Arcade diversion with new insubordinate paper graphics and engaging gameplay
A family fun arcade suitable for all ages
Single handed One daub game
Changing gameplay with extraordinary soundtrack
Collect diamonds/gems to clear new players and bows.
Lots of achievements to unlock.
Receive giveaway rewards/free gifts!
Challenge yourself with a nearby unfit in this unconstrained game!
Challenge your friends by pity your highscores
Easy to play tough to master game.

At Santafeast, we essay to move innovations to normal diversion genres. Through changing a gaming landscape by implementing new, singular features, Santafeast aims to emanate an extraordinary knowledge for the players by a brew of an addicting gameplay and the signature art style.
We’re building some-more games, too, though we’re not prepared to speak about those utterly yet.
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Arrow Swings
Arrow Swings
Arrow Swings
Arrow Swings
Arrow Swings
Arrow Swings


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