Eon Player Pro v3.8 build 39 beta 3 [Paid]

Eon Player Pro v3.8 build 39 beta 3[Paid]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: This is a pro chronicle of Eon Music Player with some-more customization options.


A Beautiful and Highly Customizable, Material Design Music Player.

Be a partial of a growth of this Music Player, wish to change how something is finished in this Music Player? find a ‘Suggestion’ choice in menu and tell us how you’d like things to be and we’ll urge them.

If something does not work greatfully let us know by ‘Bug Report’ choice in a app, we can also ask new facilities by ‘Feature Request’.

If we wish to assistance in translating this Music Player to your local denunciation greatfully let us know by ‘Contact Us Contribute Translation’.

Simple nonetheless powerful:
Eon Music Player is really elementary and purify with all a facilities we need.

Other than copiousness of tone accents for we to select from, we have 4 simple themes (Light, Dark, Black and Transparent) to customize Eon Music Player any approach we like.

Player Screen Skins:
Don’t like how actor shade looks? You have 5 actor screens to select from.

Standard Features:
– ChomeCast Support
– 5 Band equalizer
– Folder filters
– All around hunt option
– Tag Edit.
– Homescreen widget in 12 sizes.
– Notification/Lock shade controls.
– Four pleasing themes.
– Create, revise and listen to playlists.
– Auto Download blank manuscript arts.
– Customize home screen.
– Quick navigation.
– Android JellyBean to Android Nougat supported.

MP3 Player, Offline Music Player, Clean Music Player.

Coming soon:
Tablet support.
Improved Folders screen
More Languages.

We are looking brazen to your feedback and we wish we suffer regulating Eon Music Player as most as we enjoyed building it.


Fixed startup pile-up means by 3.8 beta 2.
Fixed tone contrariety emanate with credentials (Player screen).
Lower battery consumption.
Fixed navigation bar tone emanate on few screens.
Added trifle symbol on artist screen.

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Download Instructions:


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NetShare-no-root-tethering::WiFi Hotspot v6.6 [Pro]

NetShare-no-root-tethering::WiFi Hotspot v6.6 [Pro]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Turn your Android device into wifi hotspot and share your internet tie (data or wifi) with other inclination regulating Wifi Direct.


Turn your Android device into wifi hotspot and share your internet tie (data or wifi) with other inclination regulating Wifi Direct.

Why NetShare?
unlike other apps NetShare doesn’t use a local hotspots that is now blocked in android 6 and above, instead it uses Wifi Direct in a new and superb approach to make your device act as a wifi hotspot and wifi extender in a same time regulating WiFi Direct.

1-Free wifi hotspot regulating wifi direct.
2-monitor internet use of every
connected device in a genuine time.
3-monitor inclination logs and block
5-use WiFi approach instead of a native
wifi hotspot that now blocked in android 6 and above.
6-NetShare is a usually approach for inclination regulating android 6 and above.

Note: The app might be blocked by some carriers in your nation if so greatfully download a app directly from here:

create wifi hotspot to share wifi and internet tie with Android, pc, tablet, iphone ,ipad, mac, chrombook and some-more inclination around wifi hotspot regulating over wifi direct
very easly and but root.
NetShare is a best and a initial app that use a wifi approach record to emanate wifi hotspot for pity internet and entirely control and guard your tie around wifi approach ,no base compulsory ,no subscription required.

it is giveaway wifi hotspot regulating WifiDirect tethering and works as wifi repeater to share wifi connection.

wifi hotspot.
wifi repeater.
wifi extender.
wifi booster.
shar vpn connection.
share wifi connection.
boost wifi connection.
extend wifi network.
android wifi repeater.
wifi repeater android.
share information connection.
share internet.

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More Info:

Download Instructions: Pro facilities unlocked


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Bass Guitar Tutor Pro v100 Maroon 5 [Paid]

Bass Guitar Tutor Pro v100 Maroon 5 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Adjust a breadth or tallness of a fretboard to fit your personification character or device. Go smaller to see a whole fretboard or go incomparable for a genuine life size!


• Learn To Play Your Favourite Bass Lines on a Bass Guitar with over 150 Songs.
• Learn Scales and Jam in any pivotal to a Click. Save Riffs.
• Learn standard Bass Patterns (e.g. reggae, walking bass, tough rock) in any key.
• Highly configurable. Resizeable fretboard suitable for all inclination and tablets. Choose between acoustic, fingered or slap bass.
• For beginners to tip musicians, this app has both a high simulator peculiarity and is discerning and responsive.

Adjust a breadth or tallness of a fretboard to fit your personification character or device. Go smaller to see a whole fretboard or go incomparable for a genuine life size!
The fingered drum sound has professionally available digitised Fender Jazz Bass guitar sounds for any apart note.
Focus on sections of a strain to master those drum lines, patterns and scales.
Adjust a speed and volume for personification along.
Highlight records on/off to play by ear.
Immersion’s Touch Sense Haptic Feedback.
No advertising.

*****Bass Lines*****
Songs cover all genres: Rock, Indie, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Naughties, Modern, Latin, Classical, Film Themes, TV Themes, Traditional. The pro chronicle has ever expanding catalog of drum lines that include:
Alice Cooper,
Axel F, Black Sabbath,
Blind Melon,
Blue Oyster Cult,
Bob Marley,
Deep Purple,
Def Leppard,
Donna Summer,
Fleetwood Mac
…and more

Select a scale from a endless list.
Listen and watch a records being played by highlights and afterwards try to play it back. Check your answers. Start with only a few records and afterwards work adult until you’ve mastered a records in a scale.
Change a position.
Repeat beam forward or descending.
View scale patterns as a reference.

Select a scale in that we wish to solo in. This will prominence all a right records within a comparison pivotal on a whole fretboard. Then jam to it by aiming to play from a highlighted keys. You’ll be astounded how good you’ll sound only by attack a few of a right notes!
Record and Save your favorite jam sessions and play behind your rockin’ riffs during a after date.
Play along to a click.

*****Bass Patterns*****
Learn to yield a drum in any pivotal for any genre. Patterns include:
Alternative Rock,
Boogie Woogie,
Bossa Nova,
50s Rock,
Hard Rock,
…and more.

What’s New
Intervals in All Scales in Jam
Better UI in Scales Game
New Bass Lines:
Jackson 5 – we Want You Back
Maroon 5 – This Love

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Download Instructions:


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Network Analyzer Pro v3.3.1 [Paid]

Network Analyzer Pro v3.3.1 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.1+ | Mod GP + URET Patcher
Overview: Network Analyzer can assistance we diagnose several problems in your wifi network setup, Internet connectivity, and also detect several issues on remote servers interjection to a far-reaching operation of collection it provides.


It is versed with a high-performance wifi device find tool, including all a LAN device’s addresses, manufacturers and names, together with a Bonjour/DLNA services they provide. Further, Network Analyzer contains customary net evidence collection such as ping, traceroute, pier scanner, DNS lookup, whois, and network speed test. Finally, it shows all beside wi-fi networks together with additional sum such as vigilance strength, encryption and router manufacturer to assistance finding a best channel for a wireless router. Everything works with both IPv4 and IPv6.

Wifi vigilance meter:
– Both graphical and textual illustration display network channels and vigilance strengths
– Channel use graph – see per-channel utilization
– Wifi network form (WEP, WPA, WPA2)
– Wifi encryption (AES, TKIP)
– BSSID (router MAC address), manufacturer, WPS support
– Bandwidth (Android 6 and newer only)

LAN scanner:
– Fast and arguable showing of all network devices
– Vendor name, IP, and MAC addresses of all detected inclination
– NetBIOS, mDNS (bonjour), LLMNR, and DNS name where accessible
– Pingability exam of detected devices
– IPv6 accessibility and detected IPv6 addresses
– Wake on LAN (WOL) including remote WOL
– Scan of tradition IP ranges
– Possibility to set tradition device name
– Filtering and hunt in a detected device list

Network connections:
– Similar to unix netstat apparatus – see network connectors done by other apps
– Local remote residence and pier number, state of a connection
– Remote hostname
– Name of a app that done a connection
– TCP, UDP, IPv4 and IPv6

Routing table:
– Destination gateway, interface used, flags
– Both IPv4 and IPv6

Ping traceroute:
– Round outing check including IP residence and hostname for each network node
– Geolocation information including latitude, longitude, country, city, and time section
– AS series and network name information
– Complete snippet track cognisance on a map
– Graphical ping statistics updated in genuine time
– Both IPv4 and IPv6 – selectable

Port scanner:
– Fast, adaptive algorithm for scanning a many common ports or user specified pier ranges
– Detection of closed, firewalled, and open ports
– Description of a famous open pier services
– Scan of finish pier operation or user-editable common ports
– Both IPv4 and IPv6 – selectable

– Whois of domains, IP addresses and AS numbers

DNS lookup:
– Functionality identical to nslookup or puncture
– Support for A, AAAA, SOA, PTR, MX, CNAME, NS, TXT, SPF, SRV annals

Internet speed:
– Test of both download and upload speeds
– Graphical speed exam view
– Speedtest story

Network information:
– Default gateway, outmost IP (v4 and v6), DNS server, HTTP proxy
– Wifi network information such as SSID, BSSID, IP address, subnet facade , vigilance strength, etc.
– Cell (3G, LTE) network information such as IP address, vigilance strength, network provider, MCC, MNC, etc.

Local use discovery:
– Bonjour use browser
– UPNP/DLNA use and device browser

– Full IPv6 support everywhere
– History of all achieved tasks with a probability to star a favorite ones
– Export by email and other means
– Copy/paste support
– Detailed help
– Regular updates, support page


– repair occasional pile-up in traceroute
– teenager fixes

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Parrot – Voice Recorder Pro v2.4.2.162 [Unlocked]

Parrot – Voice Recorder Pro v2.4.2.162 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Parrot is a giveaway voice recorder app that allows we to Record, Play and Share voice recordings, all within 3 taps! A elementary and pleasing user interface helps we emanate frail and offset voice recordings. Use Parrot as a dictaphone and start recording voices, audio, phone conversations, your singing: anything we like, in HD!


Record yourself or any voice summary in high peculiarity with a best dictaphone for Android. Download Parrot, save your initial voice memo today, and start being some-more organized.

Parrot Pro (available as in-app purchase) allows we to Record Phone Calls, Schedule Recordings for a specific time and date and synchronize your marks to a cloud regulating Google Drive or Dropbox.
Parrot is has no time boundary or no functionality limits. With over 100 opposite environment combinations, we can finely balance your recordings and playback.

Parrot Pro – In-app Purchase
• Phone Call Recording: Record incoming or effusive phone calls possibly automatically or by prompt before or after a call.
• Scheduled Recordings: Schedule a recording for a specific date, time and duration.
• Cloud Backup: Easily synchronize all your files away or as a zip to Google Drive, Dropbox or anywhere on your device.

Parrot Basic – All Users
• Record: Create voice recording with a live and buttery well-spoken sound call graph as we record to assistance we simply brand when you’re receiving a right levels. Record regulating a customary mic, camcorder mic or even a Bluetooth microphone.
• Play: Playback your voice recordings with a elementary and pleasing list that helps we simply brand marks with discerning calendar icons as good as personification and paused animations.
• Share: Share your marks with your favorite apps with dual elementary taps. Your favorite apps are saved to concede we to fast share in a future.
• Notifications: We’ve enclosed elementary and easy notifications in sequence to concede we to use Parrot and continue to work in a background.
• Android Wear: Manage your recording and playback right from your wrist.

Recording Options (Dictaphone options)
• Quality: Recording in WAV and MP4 formats. Choose your representation rate and bit rate.
• Source: Record your voice from your device mic, camcorder mic or Bluetooth headset.
• Effects: Use Android’s built-in recording effects to mislay credentials noise, cancel out relate and automatically control gain. For those situations where some-more energy is needed, set your possess tradition gain.
• Auto Pause (skip silence): Easily skip overpower while recording by carrying a app postponement and restart for we formed on time and sound attraction thresholds.
• Alerts: Use both quivering and beeps to assistance we brand when a recording has started and stopped.

Playback Options
• Bass Boost: Boost a drum to assistance amplify low frequencies of a recordings.
• Volume Boost: Enhance a volume of a lane to assistance hear even still noises.
• Preset Reverb: Hear your recording as if it were played in a tiny room or vast hall.

App Permissions
• Record Audio: We need entrance to your mic to emanate voice recordings.
• External Storage: We need entrance to your SD label as this is a elite plcae to store your tracks.
• Phone Calls: Parrot Pro mode allows users to record phone calls.
• Wakelock: Used in Parrot Pro to safeguard that your phone wakes adult for report recordings.
• Vibration: We have a environment that allows we to make your device quiver when we start or stop a recording.

For some-more information, assistance and support revisit http://www.theparrotapp.com

Fixed a series of bugs that would means a app to pile-up randomly.

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More Info:

Download Instructions: PRO Features Unlocked l Free Subscription


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WarZ: Law of Survival v1.5.7 (Mega Mod)

WarZ: Law of Survival v1.5.7 (Mega Mod)
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Overview: WarZ: Law of Survival Apk Mod is a giveaway shooter and plan game. Preserve your life delicately and frustrate off zombies and other threats. The rivalry everywhere in a vital space, we need to be on warning to fight with other survivors and zombies to kill them. Kill them, or be killed.


The diversion is underneath maintenance.Players might remove server tie or be incompetent to login to a game. We are contemptible for any and all a inconvenience.

This is a giveaway shooter and plan game. Preserve your life delicately and frustrate off zombies and other threats. The rivalry everywhere in a vital space, we need to be on warning to fight with other survivors and zombies to kill them. Kill them, or be killed.


You can take a possibility and go to an deserted base. God willing, we might be means to find changed resources to assistance we emanate some-more absolute weapons to boost your chances of survival.


The marketplace will be open 2 times a day. Enter a discuss room during those times to promulgate with other survivors and sell information to assistance your survival. But remember that not all survivors are friendly.


Traders might be useful underneath a right circumstances. They can never exclude a good deal. Trade with them your neglected items.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Item Duplication (Split an Item to get more)
– Free Crafting (Craft but compulsory items)
– Free Building (Build but compulsory items)
– No Building Requirements
– Free Upgrading (Upgrade but compulsory items)
– Infinite Weapon Durability
– Infinite Armor Durability
– Unlimited Coins (Spend coins to increase)
– Unlimited Skill Points (Use ability to increase)
– Unlimited Energy (Buy with coins)

What’s New
New Updated Version 1.5.7
1. All roses and petals are removed
2. The recipes for roses and rose bouquets in plans are reduced

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More Info:

Download Instructions:




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Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival v1.0.3 (Mega Mod)

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival v1.0.3 (Mega Mod)
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Grim Soul is a free-to-play dim anticipation presence MMORPG. A once-prosperous Imperial province, a Plaguelands are now lonesome in fear and darkness.


Its inhabitants have incited into forever erratic souls. Your idea is to tarry as prolonged as we can in this dangerous land. Collect resources, build a fortress, urge yourself from enemies, and tarry fight with zombie-knights and other monsters in this new Souls-like game!


Explore lands cheerless by a Grey Decay. Discover puzzling Places of Power. Try infiltrating ancient dungeons and other survivors’ castles to obtain a many profitable resources.


Build workbenches and qualification new resources. Discover new designs and emanate picturesque Gothic weapons and armor to conflict with a Plaguelands’ many dangerous inhabitants.


Build a sound substructure for defenses opposite a undead and other survivors. Defend your citadel, erect and place traps for uninvited guests. But don’t forget to try your enemies’ domain to collect profitable loot.


Morning star? Halberd? Maybe an arbalet? Choose from an arsenal of lethal weapons. Deal vicious hits and hedge rivalry attacks. Use opposite fighting styles. Find an effective plan for wielding each form of weapon!


Build a fast and don’t skip your possibility to trot into conflict opposite hordes of undead on your fight equine or float by a grave Gothic landscape. You can build a boat, a cart, and even a carriage – if we can obtain a compulsory parts.


Life in a Plaguelands is solitary, poor, nasty, vicious and short. Hunger and lust will kill we faster than cold steel in this sinister Gothic MMORPG. Conquer nature, hunt dangerous animals, ready their beef over an open fire, or kill other survivors to feed your reserves.


Build a ebony enclosure and these intelligent birds will be your messengers. Watch a skies. Ravens always round over something of interest. And that that ravens take seductiveness in will always be of seductiveness for a waste Exile.


A house will boost your chances of flourishing one some-more day in this vicious and sour Gothic world. Call your brothers in arms to cut down darned knights and barbarous witches.


When night descends, dark floods a world, and you’ll need light to shun a terrifying Night Guest.


You might feel alone, though we are not. There’s always something to do. Complete quests that move ravens and accept rewards. Take each possibility – that’s a best plan for presence in a grave existence of this lost kingdom.


Search for letters and scrolls to learn about a Empire’s ancient history. Find keys to elucidate a poser of your past and a law behind this maturation catastrophe.

What’s New
— Invisible impression emanate on some inclination is fixed
— Game swell saving complement is improved
— Several tie issues are fixed
— Rare box with dull eventuality chests is fixed
— Merchant now memorizes his attacker
— An emanate with other exiles’ corpses disappearance is fixed
— The Night Guest now comes after and reduction frequently
— Minor bugs fixes

– Item Duplication (Split an Item to get more)
– Free Crafting (Craft but compulsory items)
– Free Building (Build but compulsory items)
– No Building Requirements
– Free Upgrading (Upgrade but compulsory items)
– Infinite Weapon Durability
– Infinite Armor Durability
– Unlimited Coins
– Unlimited Energy (Buy with coins)

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:


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Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore v1.6.10

Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore v1.6.10
Requirements: 6.0+, OpenGL ES 3.1 or Vulcan
Overview: Accept a contract, collect a boat and lurch into space.



► “Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore is one of a best sagas on mobile.” (IGN Espana, 8.3 points out of 10)
► “A beautiful looking shooter that pushes a array into a complicated mobile age.” (Pocket Gamer, 9 points out of 10, Gold Award)
► “The fun is heated and a star gorgeous. So put on your helmet, feverishness adult a engine and face a tyrants of a Neox Sector!” (KickMyGeek, 8.5 points out of 10)

Accept a contract, collect a boat and lurch into space. Show your piloting skills in a extended accumulation of contract, freelance or trainer missions. Fight harsh enemies in breath-taking outdoor space environments. Dodge in-coming missiles with ideally timed tub rolls and lurch by a ramifications of hulk space stations. And once your shields are adult again, strike behind and give ‘em hell!

# # # TRUST THE MEDIA # # #
► “A fast, responsive, and beautiful sci-fi blaster with overwhelming interstellar settings”. (Pocket Gamer)
► “Be certain to compensate courtesy here for what is certain to be one of a large mobile games of a summer.” (Touch Arcade)

Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore puts an whole star in your pocket. Hire your associate players’ ships as wingmen and go after a galaxy’s many wanted criminals together. Remain steadfast as we allege serve into a dark, pulsating heart of a Neox Sector!

• A star in your pocket: Play a 3rd installment of a pioneering GOF saga
• Give ‘em hell: Fight your approach by a intergalactic squad hierarchies
• A overwhelming diversion world: Enter abounding orbits and clear new areas
• Gear up: Fly fantastic ships and mountain absolute weapons
• A connected experience: Hire your friends’ ships as wingmen

What’s new
# # # DRAGON ATTACK V1.6.10 # # #

• DRAGON SHIP: Get a 50% bonus on one of a many mythological ships in a Sector.
• STREAMLINED TUTORIAL: Enjoy a quicker, leaner entrance into a game.
• PREMIUM SECONDARY WEAPONS: Make ‘em even stronger with each upgrade!
• VIDEO REWARDS: Watch videos for revitalise coins, load boxes or plans parts.
• RE-BALANCED STATS: Enjoy practiced prices and energy ratings.
• ROUTINE WORK: Benefit from additional improvements to a game.

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Download Instructions:




Head Basketball v1.8.0 [Mod Money]

Head Basketball v1.8.0 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: From a fire shot of Korea to a spook captain of Great Britain!
Enjoy this elementary basketball diversion with characters that have singular ability shots!


Decorate singular characters with a accumulation of costumes,
Create a best athletes by building characters in your possess way!
Don’t skip out on winning matches with players and friends around a world!
+ 12 opposite characters and their singular ability shots
+ Various practice by 4 opposite diversion modes
(Arcade, Campaign, Tournament, Survival)
+ Decorating singular characters with several costumes
for any apportionment of a physique from conduct to toe
+ Develop your possess impression by upgrading ability scores
through impression turn ups.
+ Play multiplayer with players around a world
(GameCenter, Bluetooth)
+ Realistic transformation formed on a production engine
+ Supports GameCenter rankings
+ Supports iCloud
+ Supports Facebook

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Download Instructions:




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Iron Marines v1.2.6 + Mod

Iron Marines v1.2.6 + Mod
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: We proudly benefaction Iron Marines!! Play it before Sep 15th to start with a reward favourite for free! Get it Now!



From a creators of a endowment leader Kingdom Rush trilogy comes a many unusual space odyssey. A real-time, energetic and low plan diversion that will ride we to extraordinary and opposite planets. Immersive, enchanting gameplay, ridiculously appealing art, and a reason of stupid humor. Brave soldiers, strong mechas and absolute aliens wait your authority to face a biggest challenges.

Whether in a midst of a meteor charge or exploring a bottom invaded by visitor creatures, a Iron Marines have what it takes to grasp victory. Protect your bases with a many modernized invulnerability towers while spraying your enemies with bullets, missiles and laser rays.

Recruit and sight a biggest heroes in a galaxy, lead them into dangerous missions opposite nearby unfit contingency and unleash their strong powers and abilities. Adapt your plan by changing a purpose of your infantry even in a thick of a combat, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to barb launchers. Turn a waves of conflict with explosve strikes, intelligent mines, support troops, turrets and a far-reaching operation of special weapons.

Want to know more? Dozens of easter eggs wait for your penetrating eye, from a not so mutant turtle, to some good famous starship captains

Armies of robots, dejected starships, enormous monsters, opposite races, fearless assaults, unfortunate rescues, brazen sabotages… a universe needs your command.

The universe needs a Iron Marines

Game Features

Lead your infantry in 14 debate missions opposite dual opposite worlds. Get prepared to launch confidant attacks, reason your ground, rescue civilians, penetrate supercomputers and all kind of drastic stuff. Each goal requires new plan and actions to grasp victory. Have we mentioned fights opposite a tentacles of weird underwater creatures?

Test your wit on 10 Special Operations with their possess fight manners and no forgiveness during all. Each theatre a plea to remember, with scars to infer it. We brave you.

Unlock a Impossible Mode. Only for a many forward of a dauntless. We double brave you.

Defeat large and singular Bosses in epic battles. They are mean, they are unequivocally unequivocally outrageous and they are dynamic to vanquish you. Suit up, Marines!!

40+ Upgrades to urge your plan and commission your units with invulnerability drones, napalm rockets, ricocheting blasts and most more.

9 Heroes with superb powers during your command. Train them to their full awesomeness or provoke them during your possess risk.

8 Special Weapons to unleash ruin on your enemies and give your plan even some-more depth. What’s improved than a good placed missile? An orbital strike of 50 high bomb missiles!

Complete any of the 50+ Achievements and explain your good deserved reward

Find your satisfactory plea selecting your problem mode: Casual, Normal or Veteran. Don’t get cocky! Or Do! Your choice!

– Bug fixes and improvements

Unlimited Credits
Unlimited Tech Points
Unlimited Energy
Unlimited Command Points
Unlimited Lives
Unlimited Ammo
No Max Performance Cost
No Command Point Cost
No Energy Cost

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Download Instructions: